The Girl with a camera.

Who am I? Well easily I could tell you my name is Courtney and I am a single momma of two kids, but who I am is more than my name. I am a girl with a camera, where ever life takes me my camera is always my constant. When I was a kid, and 35mm was a thing, I remember my mom spending sooo much money on double prints. Yes I have those embarrassing pictures of my classmates from elementary and on.

Fast forward to college, I think I changed my major atleast 8 times... then I found out there is was a photography degree. I was so excited! I graduated with my AAA degree (and a son) from Hawkeye Community College in 2003. I have owned a studio, worked as a studio manager for a corporate photography company, and I have even traveled to school as a school portrait photographer.

Although I don't currently photograph fulltime, there is nothing I love more than portraiture. Empowering women with boudoir, creating memories for families, capturing moments babies through senior, and making amazing headshots!

What can I help you capture with my camera?